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News & Events

Successful Conference held on September 4th 2020

A very successful conference was held on September 4th 2020 on the topic of Forced Migration: Psychosocial theory and practice: What is the evidence? It was hosted by the School of Psychology at the University of East London in collaboration with Careif. Given the global pandemic, it was moved to a virtual conference with speakers and attendees from a wide…

Recent events and developments

We were very sorry to report the death on of our trustees Professor Bhaumik who sadly passed away in November 2019 Careif Golf Day is being organised and a date will be confirmed, to be held at PGA Bowood Golf and Country Club, please email to show interest. A Special edition of the World Cultural Psychiatry Research Review journal (the…

Saddleback Music Festival

The Saddleback Music Festival which takes place in Devizes, Wiltshire on Saturday 20th July 2019 at Devizes Sports Club are supporting Careif as one of there charities. See the website link below for more information and ticket prices etc.

Careif Global Position Statement Religion and Spirituality in Mental Health Care

Careif is an international mental health charity that works towards protecting and promoting mental health and resilience, to eliminate inequalities and strengthen social justice. Our principles include working creatively with humility and dignity, and with balanced partnerships in order to ensure all cultures and societies play their part in our mission of protecting and promoting mental health and wellbeing. We…

Careif Global Position Statement Stigma Mental Illness Diversity

Careif is an international mental health charity that works towards protecting and promoting mental health, wellbeing, resilience and resourcefulness with a special focus to eliminate inequalities and strengthen social justice. Our principles include working creatively with humility, dignity and balanced partnerships in order to ensure that all cultures and societies play their part in our mission of protecting and promoting…

Will a new Mental Health Act tackle ethnic inequalities?

Professor Kamaldeep Bhui argues for a rights-based and capacity-based Mental Health Act and additional funding for culturally capable community services in Community Care online. You can read the full article here. Picture credit: Lightfield Studios/Fotolia

Careif Co-Founder announces new national centre of excellence

Lankelly Chase Foundation has commissioned Queen Mary University of London, the University of Manchester and Words of Colour Productions to establish an independent centre of excellence on ethnic inequalities, severe mental illness and multiple disadvantage. With a strategic award of £1,245,000, the Synergi Collaborative Centre will deliver a five-year national programme, focused on working towards the transformation of health services…

Professor Rachel Tribe joins Careif Trustee Board

University of East London (UEL) Applied Psychology Professor Rachel Tribe has become a trustee for mental health charity The Centre for Applied Research and Evaluation International Foundation (Careif). Read the full article on the UEL website.

Congratulations to Professor Kamaldeep Bhui, CBE

The Centre for Applied Research and Evaluation International Foundation – Careif – is proud to announce that its Co-Founder and Director Professor Kamaldeep Bhui has received a CBE Commander of the British Empire) in the Queen’s New Years’ Honours List for services to mental health care and research.

Careif 10th anniversary newsletter

Careif-newsletter-10th-anniversary Special edition newsletter for Careif’s 10th anniversary launched at the House of Lords on 26th October 2016. Designed and edited by freelance journalist Erica Camus

Careif/WPA global wellbeing findings

Survey of personal wellbeing report and executive summary It is estimated that more than 450 million people in the world are affected by ‘disorders of the mind’, manifested by emotional or mental distress. The challenges for prevention and healing are significant, ranging from the social stigma that prevents people from seeking help, a lack of awareness in people themselves, insufficient…

Careif/WPA International Survey of Wellbeing

‘Wellbeing’ is a difficult concept to define as it has different meanings at personal, cultural and global levels. Personal wellbeing has become ever more important as longevity, conflict, insecurity and environmental issues increase, and social and technological changes impact on our individual and collective lives. Careif and the WPA are now launching this ambitious on-line survey of international wellbeing during May/June 2016.  This survey offers participants an opportunity…

Cultural Consultation Club event

Our next Careif, Centre for Psychiatry, CCS Cultural Consultation Club Education Event will be held on 13th April 2015 from 2.00pm-4.30pm, in Room G06, Joseph Rotblat Building at Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6BQ This State of the Art themes will be: Emerging dialogue of working together with Ruqyah healers and Religious Healing There is no charge but please RSVP your…

Management of death between new social emergencies and their solution

As the world becomes increasingly integrated, political, social, and cultural boundaries are being re-configured and new challenges are emerging. This conference aims to describe how death and the fear of death promote violence, terrorism and war and more important, how peace and reconciliation strategies can reduce the fear of death’s impact on human behaviour. Indeed, the conference’s overarching goal is…

Careif global survey of wellbeing 2016

Personal wellbeing has become increasingly important as longevity increases and social and technological changes impact on our individual and collective lives. Careif, with the World Psychiatric Association (WPA), will be conducting this Global Wellbeing Survey in the Spring of 2016. For more information:

Intercultural Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Careif is pleased to be supporting this exciting and innovative programme – from the Centre for Psychiatry, QMUL- aimed at clinicians and senior professionals working within health and social care settings. This state of the art programme has been developed as a partnership between Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the Refugee Therapy Centre (RTC). Completion of the course…

Careif Position Statement on Stigma

At the root of conflict and stigma we find competition between different value systems and the threat of change to our collective or individual identity. In an era of unprecedented social change, as migration and mass media blur traditional boundaries, it is vital that we recognise this process of stigmatisation and embrace the potential for social enrichment through a process…

Careif Essay Prize Competition 2016

Careif global essay Improving the physical health of people with mental illness 1st Prize £500 2nd Prize £300 3rd Prize £100 Careif 2016 essay; physical health and mental illness

Careif proposition to WACP Congress: Europe migrant crisis

Careif WACP Position Statement – EUROPE Migrant Crisis Global Challenges & Cultural Psychiatry; “Natural Disasters, Conflict, Insecurity, Migration, and Spirituality” Puerto Vallarta; Jalisco; Mexico; 29th October 2015 to 2nd November 2015.

Veterans study

Veterans Study Careif  Trustee  Professor  Edgar  Jones  to  lead  a  state  of  the  art study  into  how  veterans  with  post-combat  disorders  adjust  to civilian life

1st Issue, August 2009

“This past year has been both a creative and challenging one in the life of Careif. There has been a lot of activity both internally, within the organisation, and externally in terms of the development and carrying forward of projects and events which stretch into the future .The internal development has included taking time to reflect on our beginnings, our…

Spring 2012 newsletter

The 2012 London Olympics are ‘a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ to achieve a lasting health legacy in the UK. Careif, a major global charity, has been at the forefront at advocating the impact  and global benefits of sports to health.

Careif believes that knowledge should not only be available to those with wealth or those who live in urban and industrialised parts of the world. It considers knowledge sharing to be a basic human right, where this knowledge can change lives and help realise true human potential. Furthermore there is substantial knowledge to be found in the less developed, rural and poorer areas of the world and this is valuable to the wellbeing of people in areas which are wealthier.

Careif successful fundraising event

Careif (The Centre for Applied Research and Evaluation International Foundation) held its first fundraising event of 2013. The event chosen was a wine tasting evening of affordable Bordeaux wines ably demonstrated by Sandy Leckie who is a member of the Association of Wine Educators, and enjoyed by 23 participants from inside and outside of Queen Mary. All the money raised will go to the Charity on projects that will improve the health and wellbeing of young people. A total of £430 was raised and it was deemed a great success. Details of the next event will be publicised shortly.

Psychological wounds of conflict: The impact of World War 1

By Professor Edgar Jones The emergence of the concept of shell shock during the First World War had focused unparalleled attention to the issue of traumatic illness. Today, the recognition of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has established in the minds of the public, media and the health professionals that war can produce long-term and severe psychological effects. However, it was…

Global public health, culture and humanities

Professor Kamaldeep Bhui, Careif Co-Founder and Trustee, Professor of Cultural Psychiatry and Epidemiology and President, the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry, provides a state of the art commentary and analysis on some of the most topical and poignant issues in global public health, culture and humanities. Public Mental Health by K. Bhui website

in2 mental health

in2mentalhealth provides useful information from and between mental health workers, NGOs, institutes and others who are interested in improving mental health in low and middle income countries. Special attention for ict4d and eHealth/mHealth/eLearning Roos Korste: Psychologist -Netherlands, Europe

Lower and middle income countries

Dinesh Bhugra is a Careif Trustee, Professor of Mental Health and Diversity at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, a Past President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and currently President Elect of the World Psychiatric Association. He says: “My passion is putting training and education in a resourceful way back into LAMI countries.” See Professor Bhugra’s website

Patching the Soul: Linda Gask

I find I learn what I think about something as I write about it. Composing words on a screen (I stopped writing by hand when I gave up clinical work- I have a writing corn from years of scribbling in notes) helps me to formulate what exactly it is that is troubling me Go to Linda Gask website:

Getting Behind the Headlines

Dr  Raj Persaud; Consultant Psychiatrist: Commentary on a wide variety of topics, which are usually in the news right now and taking a psychological and psychiatric perspective.

Connecting with people

Dr Alys Cole-King says: “Strong relationships and a sense of belonging are not only desirable but vital to emotional wellbeing.” 2014 #ConnectingWith Campaign CwP World Suicide Prevention Day U Can Cope film & self-help leaflets Connecting with People website: