Commentary and Analysis

BME Inside/Outside NIMHE Report

In 1999, the National Service Framework or the NHS Plan for Mental Health in England, highlighted but did not addressed the particular needs of black and minority ethnic groups. In response to these policy imperatives, the growing political awareness and discourse around institutionalised racism, and consistent data showing adverse pathways into and through care for ethnic groups. In 2003 the…

In conversation with compassion and care

Concern to ensure compassion and empathy are core experiences in care services are now a priority following appalling scandals in care homes and hospital settings. Of course, at a time of economic austerity and threats to health and social services, caring about those in socially excluded groups seems to be less of a priority for governments, national and local. Improving the health and wellbeing of the population at large is one approach to this – that is, creating a more compassionate and caring society, within which all citizens can expect fair treatment and supportive concern when they face hard times.