BME Inside/Outside NIMHE Report

In 1999, the National Service Framework or the NHS Plan for Mental Health in England, highlighted but did not addressed the particular needs of black and minority ethnic groups. In response to these policy imperatives, the growing political awareness and discourse around institutionalised racism, and consistent data showing adverse pathways into and through care for ethnic groups. In 2003 the…

Careif Essay Prize Competition 2016

Careif global essay Improving the physical health of people with mental illness 1st Prize £500 2nd Prize £300 3rd Prize £100 Careif 2016 essay; physical health and mental illness

Veterans study

Veterans Study Careif  Trustee  Professor  Edgar  Jones  to  lead  a  state  of  the  art study  into  how  veterans  with  post-combat  disorders  adjust  to civilian life

Speakers of Europe

In December 2013 Michelle Younger and volunteer, Rhammel Afflick took part in the Speakers of Europe Course in Palermo. They worked with 38 other participants from across Europe, learning about social media campaigns and participation in European democracy. ‘The Speaker’s Toolbox’ a website developed by the participants is now launched to promote participation in the upcoming European elections. The toolbox…

In conversation with compassion and care

Concern to ensure compassion and empathy are core experiences in care services are now a priority following appalling scandals in care homes and hospital settings. Of course, at a time of economic austerity and threats to health and social services, caring about those in socially excluded groups seems to be less of a priority for governments, national and local. Improving the health and wellbeing of the population at large is one approach to this – that is, creating a more compassionate and caring society, within which all citizens can expect fair treatment and supportive concern when they face hard times.

Psychological wounds of conflict: The impact of World War 1

By Professor Edgar Jones The emergence of the concept of shell shock during the First World War had focused unparalleled attention to the issue of traumatic illness. Today, the recognition of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has established in the minds of the public, media and the health professionals that war can produce long-term and severe psychological effects. However, it was…

Global public health, culture and humanities

Professor Kamaldeep Bhui, Careif Co-Founder and Trustee, Professor of Cultural Psychiatry and Epidemiology and President, the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry, provides a state of the art commentary and analysis on some of the most topical and poignant issues in global public health, culture and humanities. Public Mental Health by K. Bhui website

in2 mental health

in2mentalhealth provides useful information from and between mental health workers, NGOs, institutes and others who are interested in improving mental health in low and middle income countries. Special attention for ict4d and eHealth/mHealth/eLearning Roos Korste: Psychologist -Netherlands, Europe

Lower and middle income countries

Dinesh Bhugra is a Careif Trustee, Professor of Mental Health and Diversity at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, a Past President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and currently President Elect of the World Psychiatric Association. He says: “My passion is putting training and education in a resourceful way back into LAMI countries.” See Professor Bhugra’s website

Patching the Soul: Linda Gask

I find I learn what I think about something as I write about it. Composing words on a screen (I stopped writing by hand when I gave up clinical work- I have a writing corn from years of scribbling in notes) helps me to formulate what exactly it is that is troubling me Go to Linda Gask website:

Getting Behind the Headlines

Dr  Raj Persaud; Consultant Psychiatrist: Commentary on a wide variety of topics, which are usually in the news right now and taking a psychological and psychiatric perspective.

Connecting with people

Dr Alys Cole-King says: “Strong relationships and a sense of belonging are not only desirable but vital to emotional wellbeing.” 2014 #ConnectingWith Campaign CwP World Suicide Prevention Day U Can Cope film & self-help leaflets Connecting with People website:

The Mental Health Legislation Resource

“An introductory compendium of some of the most commonly used legislation in mental health for legally sound decision-making with safe, effective practice.” A compendium of the most commonly used legislation in mental health in England; synthesising the revised Mental Health Act 2007; the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards; Common Law and Case Law; the Human…

MSc Mental Health and Law

This MSc is ideal for world leaders in law and clinical practice who wish to create significant interdisciplinary and organisational advances in care, services and legal practice: Professionals who are involved in protecting the rights and dignity of the public and ensuring that the highest standards of competencies are available to individuals in contact with criminal justice and mental health…

MSc and PG Diploma – Mental Health: Psychological Therapies or Transcultural Mental Healthcare Distance-Learning and On-Site Learning

Incorporating the Diploma and Certificate courses

The Centre for Psychiatry, Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry established an MSc in Psychological Therapies as an alternative pathway option for those entering our MSc Programme. Other pathway options include Transcultural Mental Healthcare which includes an additional pathway option in Forensic Mental Healthcare.

MSc in War and Psychiatry

One year full-time or two years part-time

War and conflict are two of the constants of modern life. They have played a major part in recent history and continue to dominate much of the international agenda. Whilst we may deplore this and do all we can to prevent future wars, it is important to explore what psychological effect they have on both soldiers and civilians. This course is designed to explore how people protect themselves against extreme or prolonged stress, to analyse their consequences and to discuss what can be done to mitigate or resolve psychological disorders experienced in conflict.

How both soldiers and civilians prepare themselves, cope during times of conflict, and adjust to peacetime life are core issues of the MSc War & Psychiatry. Find out more from Professor Edgar Jones; Programme Leader of this ground-breaking programme at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s College London.



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