Health Beliefs and Culture

Matters of the heart and mind

Quality and practice at the heart of care; by our careif Co-Founder and Trustee Professor Kam Bhui

Position Statement on Social Justice for Persons with Mental Illness

We are pleased to support the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) POSITION STATEMENT ON SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR PERSONS WITH MENTAL ILLNESS (MENTAL DISABILITY); This initiative was crafted and lead by our careif Trustee Professor Dinesh Bhugra,  who is also the WPA President. WPA Social Justice for people with Mental Illness (pdf)

Essential Considerations for Outcome Measurement

Culture is linked to the way emotions, mental distress, social problems, and physical illness are perceived, experienced, and expressed. Beliefs about what constitutes illness and what can be done about it vary considerably across cultures.

Santander lectures on Global Mental Health and Cultural Psychiatry

Three master-class lectures were delivered by Professor Villasenor-Bayardo on 17th and 25th April and 8th May. These were delivered in collaboration with Careif and the Cultural Consultation Service located within the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, at Queen Mary University of London.