1st Issue, August 2009

“This past year has been both a creative and challenging one in the life of Careif. There has been a lot of activity both internally, within the organisation, and externally in terms of the development and carrying forward of projects and events which stretch into the future .The internal development has included taking time to reflect on our beginnings, our founding vision and ideals, and the experience of the first two years of Careif organisational life.  …”

Mrs Diana Bass,

Acting Chairman

“I am an actor and writer, probably best known for playing Michael, in Jack Dee’s sitcom Lead Balloon and the Dad in the long-running children’s television series My Parents are Aliens. I am currently on tour in the Georges Feydeau farce Where There’s A Will, directed by Sir Peter Hall – see ett.org.uk ….”

Tony Gardner,


Careif Newsletter August 2009 (pdf)

Spring 2012 newsletter

The 2012 London Olympics are ‘a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ to achieve a lasting health legacy in the UK. Careif, a major global charity, has been at the forefront at advocating the impact  and global benefits of sports to health.

Careif believes that knowledge should not only be available to those with wealth or those who live in urban and industrialised parts of the world. It considers knowledge sharing to be a basic human right, where this knowledge can change lives and help realise true human potential. Furthermore there is substantial knowledge to be found in the less developed, rural and poorer areas of the world and this is valuable to the wellbeing of people in areas which are wealthier.

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Careif successful fundraising event

Careif (The Centre for Applied Research and Evaluation International Foundation) held its first fundraising event of 2013. The event chosen was a wine tasting evening of affordable Bordeaux wines ably demonstrated by Sandy Leckie who is a member of the Association of Wine Educators, and enjoyed by 23 participants from inside and outside of Queen Mary. All the money raised will go to the Charity on projects that will improve the health and wellbeing of young people. A total of £430 was raised and it was deemed a great success. Details of the next event will be publicised shortly.

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