Dr Valsraj

Dr Valsraj is a Consultant Psychiatrist based in London; he has held various senior medical leadership roles both in United Kingdom and India. He has varied experience in systems leadership, interdisciplinary working and has established international collaborations to promote best practice, faculty exchange, sharing knowledge across disciplines and international borders.

Dr Valsraj is passionate about raising awareness of health and wellbeing and improving the public understanding of health promotion and prevention strategies. He is particularly interested in having open thought provoking dialogues about some of the accepted and engrained practices in healthcare for paradigm shift in thinking about health and the concepts of healthcare.

Dr Valsraj has a keen interest to raise the profile of Mental Health, he does this by engaging the creative young minds of medical students, postgraduate trainees, psychologists, nurses, allied health professionals, school and college students to raise awareness of mental health.

Dr Valsraj has varied interests and these include quality, standards, safety, patient and carer experience, geopolitical determinants of health and leadership in healthcare. He is also an empanelled Certified External Assessor for the National Quality Assurance
Standards (NQAS) for National Health Systems Resource Centre (NHSRC); Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Govt. of India.

He is pleased to be joining the team of trustees at Careif and looking forward to contributing positively to the vision of Careif.