Dr Jed Boardman

Dr Jed Boardman is visiting Senior Lecturer in Social Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry and Senior Policy Adviser at the Centre for Mental Health and. Throughout his career, he has worked mainly in social and community psychiatry and was Consultant Psychiatrist at South London and Maudsley Trust until 2016. Since March 2018 he has worked as a Medically Qualified Tribunal Member. First-tier Tribunal. Social Security and Child Support Appeal Tribunals (PIP and ESA), based in London.

He was Chair of the General and Community Faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and is now lead for Social Inclusion at the Royal College of Psychiatrists where he advises on employment, poverty, welfare reform, personalisation and recovery. He chaired the Royal College of Psychiatrists Social Inclusion Scoping Group and in 2010 published a book on Social Inclusion and Mental Health. He recently co-chaired the RCPsych Person-Centred Training and Curriculum (PCTC) Scoping Group and was an author of their 2018 report on person-centred care and training.

He has published widely on Social and Community Psychiatry. He led the Recovery projects at the Centre for Mental Health and, with other colleagues, set up the ImROC (Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change) project. His research interests include the Epidemiology of Mental Disorders, Psychological Disorders in General Practice, Evaluation of Psychiatric Services, Recovery and Employment. His main international work has been in Uganda, where he has worked with local colleagues to promote knowledge, research and service improvements.